Edith's Straldja Webpage

Mailing Address:

Envelopes: Edith Sloan, COU "P. K. Yavorov," : 17A, G. Stantchev Street, Straldja 8680, BULGARIA

Packages: Edith Sloan, Peace Corps, P.O. Box 259, Sophia 1000, BULGARIA

Telephone: Home: (from States) 011-359-467-24-46

Work: 04761/ 23 98



Photos of my school


Rel and Edith's Bulgaria Page

Some Photos of the Pool at the School.

Photos from Halloween at the School.

Genealogy Page for Edith and Rel

About Me

I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria. I teach English at the local school. I live with husband Rel in a "blok" (apartment building) not far from the center of town.



Below: A picture of me in traditional Bulgarian costume. Click on the photo for a page of photos at the Pensioners' Club in Straldja!